Countryes/groups who suport terrorism&covert operations

1. UN – a group of unelected people who “want” peace in the world, but the result of their actions are more destruction and more killings. Mission: terror activities, war, covert ops, culture, healthcare, controlling.

2. United States Of America: terrorist goverment suported by various corporations. Has several agencyes (CIA, FBI, CFR) documented and proven to support and create: terrorist activities, influencing political decisions in other states, crimes against humanity.

3. United Kingdom: Goverment controled by UN&various corporations. Mission: terror activities, covert OPS, crimes against humanity.

4. China: Goverment with degenerate marxist ideology. Mission: crimes against humanity.

5. Italy: Goverment controled by various corporations. Long history of crimes against humanity, terrorism against citizens and suport for other terrorist entities.

6. Countryes influenced or partialy/totaly controlled by UN/USA/UK in their policyes: EU, France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Saudy Arabia, Afghanistan, Irak, Georgia, Spain, Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Kuwait, Angola…