Haiti earthquake: Machete-wielding gangs roam streets as fears grow death toll could hit 200,000

Machetes gripped firmly in their hands, they walk brazenly through the streets of Port-au-Prince in broad daylight.

They are among a menacing band of young men and teenagers who had armed themselves with long blades and other weapons to fight over goods looted from the capital’s quake-hit shops and homes.

The chilling image, shown last night on ITV News, illustrates how pockets of lawlessness have flared up in the wake of the disaster.

men carrying machetes in haiti

Young men wielding machetes roam the streets as tensions rise over the lack of food and water

Enlarge   A man points a gun at the crowd

A man points a gun at the crowd while standing on the rubble of a store in Port-au-Prince. Haitians begged for food, water and medical assistance on Friday as the world raced to bring aid to survivors before their despair turned to anger

Enlarge   Haitian looters fight for food,

Looters fight for food in a street of the capital. US military leaders are preparing to pour troops into the country

One Russian search team said the general insecurity was forcing them to suspend their rescue efforts after nightfall.

An aftershock today briefly interrupted rescue efforts in the capital. Searchers trying to free survivors believed trapped under the Montana hotel withdrew from the mountain of rubble when the tremor hit Saturday morning.

But they were back at it five minutes later, trying to reach voices they believe they have heard beneath the rubble.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the aftershock was measured at magnitude 4.5 on the Richter scale. USGS geophysicist Paul Caruso says the new tremor did not appear strong enough to cause much damage, but says even a small quake could bring down buildings hurt by Tuesday’s magnitude 7.0 quake.

Tensions have been rising today among those awaiting international aid and hunting for missing relatives as aid begins to trickle in four days after an earthquake that authorities say killed 200,000 people.

Three days after the quake, gangs of robbers had begun preying on survivors living in makeshift camps on streets strewn with debris and decomposing bodies, as aftershocks rippled through the hilly neighborhoods.

Authorities reported some looting and growing anger among survivors despairing over the delay in life-saving assistance.

Police were scarcely seen on the streets and although some Brazilian U.N. peacekeepers were patrolling, there were reports of sporadic scavenging, some looting and one report of gunshots in downtown Port-au-Prince on Friday.

A senior U.N. official warned that hunger will fuel trouble if aid does not arrive soon, although the law and order situation remains under control ‘for the time being’.

Enlarge   Looters flee after seeing a police patrol

Looters flee after seeing a police patrol. US military leaders said they would pour 10,000 troops into the earthquake-battered countryi in the coming days. They warning that it was urgent to bring water and food to prevent deaths and unrest

Enlarge   haiti quake

The devastation of the quake which measured 7 on the Richter scale

Enlarge   People fight over looted goods from a destroyed store after the earthquake

People fight over looted goods from a destroyed store after the earthquake

‘There have been some incidents where people were looting or fighting for food. They are desperate, they have been three days without food or any assistance,’ U.N. Undersecretary General for Peacekeeping, Alain Le Roy, told The PBS NewsHour.

‘We have to make sure that the situation doesn’t unravel but for that we need very much to ensure that the assistance is coming as quickly as possible so that the people who are dying for food and medicine get them as soon as possible.’

Haiti’s shell-shocked government has given the U.S. control over its main airport to bring order to aid and food flights from around the world and speed relief to the impoverished Caribbean nation.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was heading to Port-au-Prince today to meet the country’s president at the airport. Her plane was to bring in supplies and return with evacuated Americans.

‘We will also be conveying very directly and personally to the Haitian people our long-term unwavering support, solidarity and sympathies,’ Clinton said.

Trucks piled with corpses have been carrying bodies to hurriedly excavated mass graves outside the city, but thousands of bodies still are believed buried under rubble.

‘We have already collected around 50,000 dead bodies,’ Interior Minister Paul Antoine Bien-Aime told Reuters. ‘We anticipate there will be between 100,000 and 200,000 dead in total, although we will never know the exact number.’

U.S. rescuers worked through the night to dig out survivors from one collapsed supermarket where as many as 100 people could have been trapped inside.

Enlarge   haiti quake

Arms outstretched a woman prays and sings in a street in the capital. It is estimated three-quarters of the city will have to be rebuilt

Enlarge   haiti quake

An injured child, sitting on clothes, is carried to safety in a plastic bowl

They were about to give up, when they were told a supermarket cashier had managed to call someone in Miami to say she was still alive inside.

Some 40,000 bodies had been buried in mass graves, said Secretary of State for Public Safety Aramick Louis.

If the casualty figures turn out to be accurate, the 7.0 magnitude quake that hit Haiti on Tuesday and flattened much of its capital city would be one of the ten deadliest ever.

Health Minister Alex Larsen told Reuters three-quarters of the capital will have to be rebuilt.

Meanwhile, the United States and other nations rushed to deliver food, water and medical supplies through a jammed airport, a smashed seaport and roads littered with rubble.

Hungry residents have been fighting each other for bags of foods handed out by U.N. trucks in downtown Port-au-Prince.

The U.N. mission responsible for security in Haiti lost at least 36 of its 9,000 members when its headquarters collapsed. Its two top officials have not been accounted for.

The weakened Haitian government was in no better position to handle the crisis. The quake destroyed the presidential palace and knocked out communications and power.

Preval and Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive were living and working in the judicial police headquarters.

‘I do not have a home, I do not have a telephone. This is my palace now,’ the president told Reuters in an interview.

‘We have to make sure there is gas available … for the trucks collecting the bodies. The hospitals are full, they are overwhelmed.’

Enlarge   haiti quake

In this satellite image of the capital the damaged buildings are marked with red dots. Those with black ones are damaged but not yet been officially confirmed as such

U.S. President Barack Obama, who pledged an initial $100million in quake relief, promised his country would do what it takes to save lives and get Haiti back on its feet.

‘The scale of the devastation is extraordinary … and the losses are heartbreaking,’ Obama said at the White House.

Obama said the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France, Colombia, Russia, Japan, Britain and other countries managed to fly in rescue and logistics personnel and supplies. While some aid was getting in, the White House hoped improved logistics would accelerate the effort.

Planes and ships arrived with rescue teams, search dogs, tents, water purification units, food, doctors and telecom teams, but faced a bottleneck at the small airport.

Air traffic control, hampered by damage to the  airport’s tower, now will be handled by the U.S. military with backup from a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

The USS Carl Vinson with 19 helicopters arrived off Haiti on  Friday, opening a second significant channel to deliver help. Navy helicopters had begun taking water ashore and ferrying injured people to a field hospital near the airport.

The U.S. military aimed to have about 1,000 troops on the ground in Haiti on Friday and thousands more in ships offshore. The total will reach 9,000 to 10,000 troops by Monday.

The Pan American Health Organization said at least eight hospitals and health centers in Port-au-Prince had collapsed or sustained damage and were unable to function.

‘We have no supplies. We need surgical gloves, antibiotics, antiseptic, disinfectant,” said a doctor, Jean Dieudonne Occelien. “We have nothing. Not even water. We have children out here with dry mouths and no water to give them.’

At one collapsed supermarket, scores of people swarmed over the rubble to try to reach the food underneath. Just outside the Cite Soleil slum, desperate people crowded around a burst water pipe jostling to drink from the pipe or fill buckets.

Raggedly dressed survivors held out their arms to reporters touring the city, begging for food and water.


Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan

By Bradley Blakeman – FOXNews.com

The Obama administration seeks to empower a very powerful government agency you have probably never heard of with new and expanded powers that will have a direct consequence on every American if they are successful in their efforts to implement national health care reforms.

The Obama White House is also drunk with power and is seeking to expand the powers of government agencies to oversee and act out to affect Americans in ways that this country has never seen before.

What is the Office of Personnel and Management and why should you care?

The Office of Personnel Management, (OPM), is suppose to be an independent government agency that is charged with managing the civil service system of the federal government. If you are a federal employee then civil service laws, rules and regulations that are managed by OPM govern you. One of the main charges of OPM is to administer and oversee federal health care provided to all federal employees.

The Director of OPM is appointed directly by the president and confirmed by the Democratically controlled Senate. The current director of OPM is a fellow by the name of John Berry who, before becoming OPM director this past year, was director of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. — You cannot make this stuff up.

Under the Democrats’ national health care scheme not only would OPM be charged with overseeing and administering federal employees health care but they will have the added charge of administering civilian federal health care as well. What does that mean? Basically, that Americans will be treated as “civil servants.” Are you starting to see the danger?

The more government seeks to control our lives the more Orwellian it gets. This “big brother” mentality that “government knows best” and that it is their mission to provide cradle to grave “care” of its citizens will doom America as we know it. Under such a system the individual becomes meaningless and the state becomes the entity upon which we are all forced to rely.

Most recently OPM made news when the Obama administration sought to use it as a tool upon which to consolidate power.

Under orders from the White House, it is being reported that OPM is on a mission to rid the executive branch bureaucracy of Bush-era personnel who are no longer political appointees and who have lawfully become civil servants.

It is not uncommon for some presidential political appointees to have the opportunity to become civil servants within the federal bureaucracy when they meet all the criteria for a federal civil service job.– Ordinarily, a political appointee serves “at the pleasure of the president” who originally appointed that person to a particular position. When the president’s term is up their job is up as well. But, when a political appointee becomes a civil servant they are considered full- time government employees and are subject to the rules and regulations governing all other federal employees. Civil service jobs are seen a non-political jobs and are not based on appointment. They are based on merit. Their employment continues until they retire, quit, or are removed from their position for cause. It should never be permissible to remove a civil servant based solely on their political affiliation.

The Obama administration has now ordered a purging of Republicans from federal government civil service.

The Office of Federal Personnel Management, (OPM), has become the “henchman” of the Obama administration. Following orders they have issued new rules — going back five years –wherein every employee hired, who previously had been a political appointee, will be terminated regardless of cause or poor performance.

It is clear what the intent of the Obama administration is by looking at the following statement made by John Berry the Director of OPM:

Beginning January 1, 2010, agencies must seek prior approval from OPM before they can appoint a current or recent political appointee to a competitive or non-political excepted service position at any level under the provisions of title 5, United States Code. OPM will review these proposed appointments to ensure they comply with merit system principles and applicable civil service laws. I have delegated decision-making authority over these matters to career Senior Executives at OPM to avoid any hint of political influence.

The memorandum specifically applies this change to all political appointees hired in the past 5 years and effectively works to freeze them out of their current jobs or make their lives so miserable by denying promotions, that they will quit before they are forced out.

It is outrageous that the Obama administration would politicize what is supposed to be a independent government agency and would become so vindictive and cold in their exercise of raw political power that they would take steps to eliminate people from their legitimate government employment, based solely on their political pedigree and not their job performance.

I served in the White House during the presidency of George W. Bush. When he took office, we knew that a fair amount of Clinton appointees were making the transition from political appointment positions to civil service positions and nothing was done to “root them out”. They were entitled to remain in their positions and were held to the same standard of job performance as any other civil service employee.

There is nothing worse than abuse of government power. It erodes the very fabric of our laws and respect for government institutions.

For an incoming administration to make a “witch hunt” one of its top priorities and to attempt to fire civil servants who they believe are Republican “sympathizers” is something you might have expected in the former Soviet Union or from the KGB. But it’s not something we expected to see in the United States led by the White House.

The expanded “portfolio” of OPM should worry all Americans. This little known agency will make the IRS look down right friendly if the Obama administration is successful in expanding their duties, powers and responsibilities.

The More Things Change…

Joe Wäges
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reading the leaked emails from the Hadley CRU in East Anglia conjures feeling of anger, betrayal and disbelief that such a fraud could be perpetrated by so few on so many. Shockingly, this is not the only time in history that we have a chance to peer behind the curtain of such a well organized and tight knit agenda. The seizure and publication of the correspondence and internal documents of the Illuminati Order, is a perfect example of this scenario as the parallels to leaking of the CRU’s email and internal documents are breathtaking.

As a researcher and student of history the most obvious connection is the discovery and publication of some of the original reports and correspondence of the Illuminati Order by the Bavarian Government in the later part of the eighteenth century. It is popularly believed that a courier named Lange was struck dead by lighting and his parcel of letters was turned over to Bavarian government, prompting the search and confiscation of documents on three separate occasions. The preceding account however is a work of fiction as insiders alerted the Elector of Bavaria, Karl Theodore to the true intention of the order; the abolition of all governments and religions so as to impose a one world government and atheistic religion based on reason and accomplished through incrementalism when possible, and revolution and subversion when not. Likewise, it was initially believed that the publication of the CRU’s data was the result of hackers, but it has since come to light that the information was leaked by an anonymous insider, just as in the case of the Illuminati as insightful information of this magnitude almost always is. The bulk and breadth of the seized information of the order has to this day never been translated into English and only limited accounts have been published. The following is an excerpt of one of the letters translated by John Robison in 1798 from Cato (Baron Franz Xavier von Zwack) to Spartacus (Adam Weishaupt). Its obvious similarities and link to the Hadley CRU leak speak for itself.

We learn that the Illuminati were about the business of infiltrating and taking over the existing Lodge structure throughout Germany and Europe. They took up residence in a house in Munich and crafted the appearance to be a “society of zealous naturalists”. In addition they cornered the market of print media, the main form of communication at the time. They set about the business of writing propaganda to affect their aims. They infiltrated and captured the key positions of academia, delivering pupils into their own hands. They subverted the church and took over the purse strings for their own benefit and placed their people throughout the court system. In short the captured and vertical integrated the education, information, and legal systems at all levels to allow their object to be accomplished.

At every turn and level the Illuminati sought to infiltrate and capture society to accomplish their agenda. Likewise the climate change cult has followed the very same course. They have placed their people in positions of highest levels of science. They have secured government funding for their work. They have attempted to silence all opposition. They block or belittle ideas that run counter to theirs from publication effectively cornering the market on respected scientific media. They reject the idea of god and replace him with reason and religion of science. They appear to be motivated by the collective good of humanity, to protect the environment, while their real aims are a eugenical mass-depopulation program. If there is any doubt about the similarities please refer to the following letter written by Weishaupt to Zwack.

We learn that Science is the lure for pupils to join their order as it has” an influence on the world, and may serve to remove obstacles out of the way” for accomplishing their agenda. Through a gradual process the neophytes will read a selection of literature that will twist their minds until there are free of religion and traditional measures of morality. Through this process they aimed to “drive the enemies… of reason and humanity from the world”. How ironic that the very system proposed would knowingly and intentional destroy the very fabric of society binding humanity. Likewise the climate change cult hopes to rid “humanity of its true enemy… humanity itself”.

China Pushes Carbon Reduction Through Eugenics Population Reduction

Kurt Nimmo
December 10, 2009

Diane Francis, writing for Canada’s Financial Post, begins an editorial by declaring a myth — the world is over-populated. “The ‘inconvenient truth’ overhanging the UN’s Copenhagen conference is not that the climate is warming or cooling, but that humans are overpopulating the world,” she writes. “A planetary law, such as China’s one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days.”

An interesting choice of words. Planetary law. In other words, a world government with the power to decide if humans are allowed to procreate.

featured stories   Canadian Newspaper Calls for Malthusian Global Population Reduction Policy
China’s brutal totalitarian rulers base their Malthusian depopulation program on Mao Zedong’s reading of Marxist theory on population growth, an idea Marx took from Thomas Malthus.

Currently we do not have such a world government. Behind the scenes at Copenhagen, however, the powerbrokers are working feverishly to establish the sort of world government only partially imagined by Ms. Francis.

The elite realized a big victory when they anointed the Bilderberg and Trilateral commission member Herman Van Rompuy as the “permanent” (and unelected) president of the European Union. Van Rompuy declared 2009 the “first year of global governance” and said Copenhagen is “another step towards the global management of our planet.”

It is also interesting that Francis cited China’s notorious one-child policy as the desired template. The totalitarian rulers of China have enforced a one-child policy since 1979. It is modern eugenics in practice. “China currently has Galton-era eugenics laws on the books which only allow pre-approved couples to marry and have children,” writes Daniel Taylor. “The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Maternal and Infant Health Care states that if the approved couples children are deemed to be inferior they are to be terminated.”

China’s draconian eugenics program is supported the Rockefellers, a clan of infamous eugenicists. The Washington Post reported on October 12, 2000 that the Rockefeller Foundation had donated two million dollars to upgrade a Chinese drug factory that produces the abortion drug RU-486. “RU-486 has been a key ingredient in China’s population control strategy for years. Of the estimated 10 million abortions performed annually in China, about half are carried out with RU-486, said Gao Ersheng, director of the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research,” the CIA’s favorite newspaper reported.

The globalist United Nations — soon to be cast off as useless (it was revealed this week in Copenhagen) — is largely responsible for fostering China’s one-child policy.

China’s brutal totalitarian rulers base their Malthusian depopulation program on  Mao Zedong’s reading of Marxist theory on population growth, an idea Marx took from Thomas Malthus. The British economist argued in favor of “positive checks” on population. Positive checks are those, according to Thomas Malthus, that increase the death rate, specifically disease, war, disaster, and finally, when other checks are ineffective, famine. Of course, when Malthus formulated his macabre philosophy in 1798, the modern totalitarian dictatorship had yet to come into existence.

Mao was a master at eliminating humans he deemed either inferior or belonging to the wrong social class. Mao, like Stalin, killed more people than Hitler. Unlike the mass murder campaign in the Soviet Union that began years after the October Revolution, Mao started killing people almost immediately after taking power. He starved millions to death under a forced agricultural collectivization program. Mao considered these collectivized farms too individualistic, so he forced millions of peasants into communes where family life, traditions, personal property and privacy, personal initiative and individual freedom were drummed out of the victims.

The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia would later attempt to follow Mao’s lead and killed more than 20% of the population under the rule of Pol Pot.

Mao’s so-called Great Leap Forward in industrialization killed at least 30 million Chinese, mostly through famine. A few years later, Mao launched his Cultural Revolution and purged and executed large numbers of Communist Party members and intellectuals. The Cultural Revolution killed an additional 10-15 million.

China’s so-called communist rulers continued Mao’s brutal policies after his death. In 1989 the government engaged in the methodical murder of an estimated 2,000-3,000 demonstrators in Tiananmen Square. Others have put the number at  over 12,000. However, the murderous zeal of Mao has waned in China. Political criminals are no longer killed in large numbers. Instead, political criminals are sent to “re-education” camps and exploited as state-owned assets (an undetermined number of these state assets are harvested for their internal organs).

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose,” a praiseful David Rockefeller has gushed (New York Times, August 10, 1973). “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

Rockefeller and the New World Order gang are chomping at the bit to bring Mao’s lessons to Europe and especially America where “high morale and community of purpose” need to be inflicted on a population that still remembers, however vaguely, the example of Jefferson and Madison.

Part of the plan is to drastically scale back the population through eugenics. The “recalibration” of humanity Diane Francis writes about so glowingly in her editorial published by the Financial Times on December 8 is well underway in the form of genetically modified food, a systematic poisoning of the population through water and product fluoridation, and degradation of the environment through industrial and military pollution (which the Ford and Rockefeller foundation environmentalists ignore in favor of the contrived scam they call “climate change,” formerly global warming before it was revealed as a scientifically disprovable fallacy).

The New World Order will ultimately have no use for Ms. Francis or the rest of us, who are considered interlopers and trespassers on a planet they consider their property.

Population control called key to deal

By Li Xing (China Daily)

COPENHAGEN: Population and climate change are intertwined but the population issue has remained a blind spot when countries discuss ways to mitigate climate change and slow down global warming, according to Zhao Baige, vice-minister of National Population and Family Planning Commission of China (NPFPC) .

“Dealing with climate change is not simply an issue of CO2 emission reduction but a comprehensive challenge involving political, economic, social, cultural and ecological issues, and the population concern fits right into the picture,” said Zhao, who is a member of the Chinese government delegation.

Many studies link population growth with emissions and the effect of climate change.

“Calculations of the contribution of population growth to emissions growth globally produce a consistent finding that most of past population growth has been responsible for between 40 per cent and 60 percent of emissions growth,” so stated by the 2009 State of World Population, released earlier by the UN Population Fund.

Although China’s family planning policy has received criticism over the past three decades, Zhao said that China’s population program has made a great historic contribution to the well-being of society.

As a result of the family planning policy, China has seen 400 million fewer births, which has resulted in 18 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions a year, Zhao said.

The UN report projected that if the global population would remain 8 billion by the year 2050 instead of a little more than 9 billion according to medium-growth scenario, “it might result in 1 billion to 2 billion fewer tons of carbon emissions”.

Meanwhile, she said studies have also shown that family planning programs are more efficient in helping cut emissions, citing research by Thomas Wire of London School of Economics that states: “Each $7 spent on basic family planning would reduce CO2 emissions by more than one ton” whereas it would cost $13 for reduced deforestation, $24 to use wind technology, $51 for solar power, $93 for introducing hybrid cars and $131 electric vehicles.

She admitted that China’s population program is not without consequences, as the country is entering the aging society fast and facing the problem of gender imbalance.

“I’m not saying that what we have done is 100 percent right, but I’m sure we are going in the right direction and now 1.3 billion people have benefited,” she said.

She said some 85 percent of the Chinese women in reproductive age use contraceptives, the highest rate in the world. This has been achieved largely through education and improvement of people’s lives, she said.

This holistic approach that integrates policy on population and development, a strategy promoting sustainable development of population, resources and environment should serve as a model for integrating population programs into the framework of climate change adaptation, she said.

UN may end 400-year-old ‘freedom of the seas’

Frank Pope
Times Online
December 10, 2009

The 400-year-old freedom of the high seas would be lost under United Nations plans to limit environmental damage.

Military forces of several nations are in discussions with conservationists over pooling surveillance resources to enforce the changes.

The “freedom of the seas” has given mariners legal rights to roam the high seas — a boundary that usually occurs 200 nautical miles from shore — at will. Specialists gathered at a London conference are saying that fishermen have been pushing the concept too far.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea came into force in 1983 and enshrined the 17th-century concept of the freedom of the seas. But while being on the high seas puts ships outside the jurisdiction of any one country, the small print of the law dictates that nations ensure that no undue damage is caused.


“The freedom of the high seas has always been accompanied by attendant responsibilities in the Law of the Sea Convention,” said Jeff Ardron, director of the high seas programme for the Marine Conservation Biology Institute.

“They were not unfettered freedoms — they have just been treated that way. The time has come when we are finally going to implement the Law of the Sea Convention as it was intended,” he told the Natural England conference, entitled Sea Change: securing a future for Europe’s seas.

The UN General Assembly voted last week to impose strict regulations on high seas bottom-trawling vessels. Next February a UN working group will meet to discuss establishing Marine Protected Areas on the high seas to create boundaries within which fishing activities are restricted.

Fishing vessels are not required to carry the same automatic identification system that tracks the identity of merchant ships. Closing this loophole will be crucial to keeping their activities in check, said Kristina Gjerde, the high seas policy adviser for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

“On motorways we have cameras that can take pictures of who’s going too fast, but there’s nothing like that on the high seas.

“Enough governments are fed up enough with illegal fishing activities that there is a movement towards a global register of fishing vessels. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation is looking to acquire one.”

National defence agencies are being brought to the table to help to enforce the rules and discussions have taken place between conservationists and the Pentagon over possible synergies in preventing overfishing, piracy and terrorism. A European Green Paper is under consideration that aims to link the maritime surveillance capabilities of member nations, including both military and fishing interests.

“It is a question of keeping track of what ships are up to,” said Mr Ardron. “If you can combine national security with other types of monitoring then it’s a win-win situation.”

A spokesman for the Royal Navy said that if approached it would look for ways to assist.

Threats to the high sea:

High seas represent 95 per cent of the global biosphere in volume and contain ecosystems, vast natural resources and unusual habitats.

Free-for-all On the high seas, countries not part of a management organisation can fish with impunity

Overfishing Organisations manage stocks but some, like the Atlantic bluefin tuna, still crash

Destructive fishing Trawling methods scrape seabeds clean

Warming waters Changing currents can leave sedentary life stranded on isolated seamounts

Acidification Ocean chemistry is changing owing to CO2

Flags of convenience Some nations register vessels with little regulation

Gore Vidal endorsed Environmental ‘Authority’ to regulate breeding, license births

Jones Report.com
December 7, 2009

Below is an excerpt from an interview that Gore Vidal did with Playboy Magazine in June 1969, employing some of the common rhetoric for forced population reduction, licensed births, etc., etc.

The excerpt is from pages 80-82 of that issue.

Notice how shockingly candid he is about his anti-family/pro-eugenics views:


VIDAL: …how are we to survive on an overpopulated planet? Even if we fully exploit our food resources–including sea farming–and develop effective and equitable international systems of distribution, it still won’t be possible to feed the coming generations. So there will be famine and disorder. Meanwhile, we are destroying our environment. Water, earth and air are being poisoned. Climate is being altered. Yet we go on breeding, creating an economy that demands more and more consumers to buy its products–and endless, self-destructive cycle. But though most thoughtful people are aware of what we are doing to ourselves, nothing is being done to restore the planet’s ecological balance, to limit human population, to create social and political and economic institutions capable of coping with–let alone solving–such relatively manageable problems as poverty and racial injustice. Who will tell Detroit that they must abandon the fossil fuel-burning combustion engine? No one. And so the air goes bad, cancers proliferate, climate changes.

PLAYBOY: Do you think drastic reform is likely to be effected by our present system of government?

VIDAL: No. And I find that hard to admit, because for all of my adult life I’ve generally accepted what we call the democratic process. But it no longer works. Look at Congress. Last year, 81 percent of the people wanted strong gun-control legislation. But 70 percent of the Congress did not, on instructions from the National Rifle Association. Congress, President, courts are not able to keep industry from poisoning Lake Erie, or Detroit from making cars that, aside from the carbon monoxide they create, are murderous weapons. To this degree, at least, the New Left is right: The System cannot be reformed. I part company with them on how it’s to be replaced. They are vague. I would like to be specific–”programmatic,” to use a word they like even less than “liberal.”

PLAYBOY: And what is your program?

VIDAL: I would like to replace our present system with an Authority–with a capital A–that would have total control over environment. And environment means not only air, earth and water but the distribution of services and products, and the limitations of births. Where the Authority would have no jurisdiction would be over the private lives of the citizens. Whatever people said, wrote, ate, drank, made love to–as long as it did no harm to others–would be allowed. This, of course, is the direct reverse of our present system. Traditionally, we have always interfered in the private lives of our citizens while allowing any entrepreneur the right to poison a river in order to make money.

PLAYBOY: Isn’t what you’re proposing–a dictatorship demanding absolute control over the most vital areas of our lives and yet granting absolute social and political freedom–a contradiction in terms? Isn’t it inevitable that the power of your Authority would sooner or later circumscribe the private life of every citizen?

VIDAL: Though the Authority would, in its own sphere, be absolute, it would never be the instrument of any one man. There would be no dictator. The thing should be run like a Swiss hotel, with anonymous specialists going about their business under constant review by a council of scientists, poets, butchers, politicians, teachers–the best group one could assemble. No doubt my Venetian ancestry makes me prone to this sort of government, because the Most Serene Republic was run rather like that and no cult of personality ever disturbed those committees that managed the state with great success. It can be done.

PLAYBOY: Would you explain what you mean when you say the Authority would be able to limit births?

VIDAL: I mean just that. Only certain people would be allowed to have children. Nor is this the hardship that it might at first appear. Most people have no talent for bringing up children and they usually admit it–once the damage is done. Unfortunately, our tribal propaganda makes every woman think her life incomplete unless she has made a replica of herself and her loved one. But tribal propaganda can be changed. One can just as easily convince people that to bring an unwanted child into the world is a social crime as grave as murder. Through propaganda, the Japanese made it unfashionable to have big families after the War and so–alone of the Asian countries–kept their population viable.

PLAYBOY: Your ends may be commendable, but let’s discuss the means. What would happen to the citizen who didn’t wish to live in your brave new world–to the devout Roman Catholic, for example, who refused to accept your population-control measures?

VIDAL: If he didn’t want to emigrate, he’d simply have to accept the Authority’s restrictions. The right to unlimited breeding is not a constitutional guarantee. If education and propaganda failed, those who violated the birth-control restrictions would have to pay for their act as for any other criminal offense.

PLAYBOY: With imprisonment?

VIDAL: I don’t believe in prisons, but there would have to be some sort of punishment. Incontinent breeding endangers the human race. That is a fact with which we now live. If we don’t limit our numbers through planned breeding, they will be limited for us in the natural way: famine and war. I think it more civilized to be unnatural and voluntarily limit population.

PLAYBOY: What would become of the family if only a few people were allowed to have children?

VIDAL: The family is an economic unit, not a biological unit; and once the economic need for it is gone–when women are able to get jobs and support themselves–the unit ceases to have any meaning. In today’s cities, it is not possible to maintain the old American idea of the family–which was, essentially, peasant; a tribal group working together to create food. For better or worse, we are now on our own, and attempts to revive the ancient family ideal…will fail. As for the children that we do want, I’d like to see them brought up communally, the way they are in certain of the Israeli kibbutzim. I suspect that eventually, the whole idea of parenthood will vanish, when children are made impersonally by laboratory insemination of ova. To forestall the usual outraged letters declaring that I am against the “normal” sexual act, consider what I’m talking about: the creation of citizens, not sexual pleasure, which will continue, as always. Further, I would favor an intelligent program of eugenics that would decide which genetic types should be continued and which allowed to die off. It’s within the range of our science to create, very simply, new people physically healthier and intellectually more competent than ourselves. After all, we do it regularly in agriculture and in the breeding of livestock, so why not with the human race? According to the somber Dr. William Shockley–the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who once contravened liberal doctrine by suggesting that we should look for genetic differences among the races–our preservation, through advanced medicine, of physically and mentally weak strains is now making the race less fit with each generation.

PLAYBOY: Your critics would charge that the utopia you propose is actually a nightmarish world reminiscent of Nazi Germany and of George Orwell’s 1984. How would you answer them?

VIDAL: Most things human go wrong. The Authority would probably be no exception. But consider the alternatives. Nuclear war to reduce population. World famine. The coming to power of military dictatorships. The crushing of individual freedom. At least the Authority would guarantee more private freedom to its citizens than they now enjoy.

PLAYBOY: Realistically, do you see any chance of such an “enlightened” dictatorship coming to power?

VIDAL: Dictatorship, no; enlightened, yes. Could it happen? Probably not. It takes too long to change tribal thinking. The majority will always prefer a fiery death, howling tribal slogans. A pity–but then, it is not written in the stars that this peculiar race endure forever. Now may be a good time for us to stop. However, since I believe that one must always act as though our affairs were manageable, I should like to see a Party for Human Survival started on an international scale, to try to persuade people to vote willingly for a life-enhancing as well as life-preserving system.

PLAYBOY: Your detractors, on both right and left, would argue that the proposals you’ve just made reflect a characteristic Vidal trait: intellectual arrogance and a basic elitist contempt for the people and their ability to govern themselves. Do you think they have a point?

VIDAL: I do not admire “the people,” as such. No one really does. Their folk wisdom is usually false, their instincts predatory. Even their sense of survival–so highly developed in the individual–goes berserk in the mass. A crowd is a fool. But then, crowds don’t govern. In fact, only in America do we pretend to worship the majority, reverently listening to the herd as it Gallups this way and that. A socialist friend of mine in England, a Labor M.P., once said: “You Americans are mad on the subject of democracy. But we aren’t, because we know if the people were given their head, they would bring back hanging, the birch and, of course, they’d kick the niggers out of the country. Fortunately, the Labor Party has no traffic with democracy.” I want the people to be happy, but more than that, I want them to be humane–something they are not, as everyone from Jesus to Karl Marx has had occasion to notice.

Medical Martial Law Possible with New Public Health Bill in South Australia

A concerned Australian journalist
December 4, 2009

South Australia has proposed controversial new legislation, in an unprecedented move to legalize forced medicine, civil libertarians say. Under the guise of public health, the South Australian Health Minister John Hill has introduced the South Australian Public Health Bill 2009 into state Parliament. It is feared the Bill will authorize a massively expanded new public health department — in addition to the already existing one — which will wield authoritarian powers that threaten to radically change current medical practice and leave wide spread human and civil rights violations in its wake.

The state has extensive public health statutes already in place allowing the health department wide powers in case of public health risks such as epidemics, but the new Bill harmonizes with the World Health Organizations’ International Health Regulations to which Australia is a signatory. The Bill introduces the new disease category of ‘controlled infectious diseases’, which allows authorities unprecedented powers over persons even suspected of having an infectious disease. The Bill’s explanatory paper states; [The Bill] Provides for a clear scheme for the management and control of persons with controlled infectious disease … [it] provides for a compulsory scheme of clinical examination, counseling, direction, treatment orders and detention or isolation orders.

This means health department authorities can forcibly test, examine, counsel, treat, detain, or isolate anyone suffering of any disease or anyone suspected of having a disease.

Incredibly, the Bill also claims powers over those with chronic non-infectious diseases. Clause 57 allows the health minister to declare non-infectious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and vascular problems — a public health risk. Clause 58 allows the health department to set down a ‘code of practice’ which impose standardized medical treatment protocols for each condition, requiring doctors to prescribe only the official drugs and treatments approved by the government. The code of practice includes government control of health information given to the public. Those in the allied health industry fear the law could restrict or end independent sources of health information, complementary medicines, health product network marketing and a choice in doctors. Consumer groups fear the Bill has the power to end health choices while reducing doctors to prescribing standardized treatments. One watchdog group spokesman said he believed the Bill gave drug companies an open door to persuade health departments to mandate their products while stifling independent information.

Libertarian groups have expressed concern about the coercive nature of the Bill. Clause 59 deals with notifiable conditions. Currently, any person seeking treatment for a sexually transmitted disease, or a childhood disease such as measles or mumps, or a simple case of the flu must be reported to the health department. Clause 60 of the Public Health Bill, imposes $10,000 fines on doctors, pathologists and labs for failing to report a case of flu or any other notifiable disease within 3 days of even ‘forming a suspicion’ that a person has the disease. Under the new law, the health department has the power to request any confidential information about patients, which doctors must supply on threat of a hefty fine. A special clause protects doctors from any breach of patient confidentiality or ethical breaches in case patients complain about their medical information being passed on to various government departments. The new Bill ensures the public will not be able to access public health department information through the Freedom of Information Act 1991. Critics say this makes the health department entirely non-transparent and non-accountable to the public. The clause also expands the list of notifiable diseases to ‘notifiable micro-organisms’, meaning the minister can declare any disease-causing micro-organism a notifiable disease, including future, as yet unidentified new germs. Once the minister declares a micro-organism to be notifiable, Clause 64 allows the health department to seize vehicles or other belongings and impose quarantine on persons or entire regions.

While many would regard these powers reasonable and necessary to contain serious plagues, critics claim that Clause 65 widens these powers into all other non-infectious conditions. The Bill’s explanatory paper states that under Clause 65: A disease or medical condition can be declared to be a controlled notifiable disease or medical condition by regulation. In the interests of public health in urgent circumstances, the Minister can declare a disease or medical condition a controlled notifiable disease…

This means health department officials can force persons with conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, or cancer to undergo a medical examination and testing followed by forced treatments, and detention. Clause 70 gives the government power to force ‘counseling’ and ‘education’ or; other activities that help a person understand the implications of a controlled notifiable disease if a person has failed to participate in a relevant counseling activity despite being given a reasonable opportunity to do so’. Clause 71 gives the health department power to force persons, among other things to; reside at a certain place, to not visit specified places, to not associate with specified persons or classes of persons, to attend specified meetings and provide reasonably required information, to be under the supervision of a person nominated by the Chief Public Health Officer.

With already wide ranging control over all diseases and conditions, the Bill gives the health department additional power to automatically override all parental consent. At the same time, large populations can be controlled through Clauses 4-6 setting out requirements for ‘population monitoring’ and other ‘systemic measures’ requiring local councils to regularly report to the health department about persons alleged or even suspected of causing health risks. Once enacted, no one will be able to avoid the legislation – even when dead. Clause 78 permits the government to carry out any procedure or tests on dead people, despite any objections from the relatives.

The Bill has extra clout with its substantial fines ranging from $60,000 to $1 million and 10 years’ jail for those who do not comply with the tough new health measures.

Some have hailed the Bill as a welcome reform to public health. The South Australian health minister, John Hill writes in the Bill’s explanatory paper, ‘This Bill, if passed, will provide South Australia with forward looking legislation for public health that meets international standards. It will provide for systematic approaches to prevention and health promotion and stronger, more robust powers for protecting public health and for dealing with public health emergencies. It also enables South Australia to meet and respond to the public health challenges that will confront us in the 21st Century.’ Meanwhile, Australian Medical Association State President, Dr Andrew Lavender said he approved of the changes, claiming they were important to protect the public.

The only politician opposing the Bill so far has been opposition health spokesman Duncan McFetridge. ‘It’s bordering on nanny-state legislation,’ he said. ‘It’s understandable, but how far do we go?’

Since the Bill was introduced into the SA state Parliament, it has caused a furor among health care advocates who fear it could spell the end of health choices, undermine the public’s trust in doctors, and usher in the end of democracy in the State of South Australia.